The Right Path but the Wrong Direction

Get a good education, work hard, and good things will happen, that’s the American Dream. But it may be fading as we let stagnant earnings continue as they have. This post, which is about work, earnings, higher education, and inflation, also portends an American Dream for some, but not for the majority who find themselves going backwards.

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Unemployment Statistics: A Closer Look

The context here is unemployment and educational attainment statistics, while the themes include the importance of a degree, how aggregating data can misinform, and trusting your lying eyes.

Street Level
What unemployment statistics convey can be different than what you witness at street level. For example: my daughter, Linda, has a bachelor’s in education and can’t find work. Anna, a barista at the local cafe has a BA in Psychology; Candice who works the bakery counter next door to the cafe has a BA in Journalism. These three young women are educated, articulate, and dependable. They want challenging creative work but their capacities are not anywhere near taxed. Those are just three examples. I’m sure you encounter many similar. Wait, please allow me one more. Continue reading