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Brief statement of experience
Through curiosity and perseverance paired with analytics, I have repeatedly succeeded in uncovering actionable patterns in complex data.

From my very first applied analysis at National Marine Fisheries Service, early ‘70s, I’ve mined big data (hundreds of thousands of punch cards) for the hidden story. My dissertation research (three-quarter million records across multiple jurisdictions and two countries) was done on the University of Washington’s Cyber computer. During an initial go-ahead meeting with Academic Computer Center staff, I had to promise to restrict ad hoc queries to off hours. The staff were concerned that otherwise I’d literally dim the lights at the Center.

Though I love doing exploratory analysis on complex data, such work tends to be the exception; the majority is on smaller data sets, though these are as likely to require incorporating diverse data sources. Regardless of complexity, what is common to my analyses is connecting the dots and unifying, making complex information understandable.

Endorsements & comments
You are a data god!
— Maureen Morris, Washington State Association of Counties, after fulfilling her request, which she had wondered if it were even possible.

I have worked with and learned from Dr. de Libero for over a decade while working for two different health care organizations. He is one of my few “go to” consultants when I need someone I trust to quickly find the right data and turn it into a tool to inform important decisions by senior level executives. He asks thought provoking questions and challenges underlying assumptions through the use of data. He is one of the most fascinating deep thinkers on social policies that I’ve had the privilege to work alongside in my thirty year career.
— Kristen West, Vice President, Empire Health Foundation

Conversations are richer and more authentic with you present.
— A frequent comment, distilled.

Having known and worked with Mr. de Libero for more than twenty years I can testify to his passion for turning data into meaningful, useful information. It’s rare to find someone with the training, technical acumen and wisdom to mine a pebble of truth from a mountain of data. I’ve found his analysis, reports and insights to be invaluable.
— Brad Hendrickson, Washington State Senate, mostly as Deputy Secretary

You have an attractive writing style.
— Scott Evans, Executive Editor, American Statistical Association, during a telephone conversation.

Dr. de Libero combines his lifetime of talent, training and skill in statistical analysis with a deep desire to understand and elegantly communicate both the insight and the limitations quantifiable measurement can contain. He brings a workingman’s pragmatism to interpretation that allows not only for the ‘data to speak’, but also for the people to attach meaning to measurement that increase clarity without either bullying or being bullied by the ‘truth’ of their own values, experience or politics. But most of all he is a great cook and a heck of a guy.
— Don Sloma, Director of Thurston County Health, Washington State

Can’t you just see Frank as Merlin in King Arthur’s court?
— Then state senator, Ray Moore, following a statistical simulation demonstration.