Update to Health Care Cost Growth

There is new OECD health care expenditure (HCE) data available so I’ve updated the cost-growth charts. The original post with discussion is here. The updated charts follow.

First the difference chart with another year added and more recent year’s data updated:


Here’s another view:

US_OECDhceupFor the last three years U.S. cost growth has been steady at 17.7% while the mean of the other 14 OECD countries continues to improve.

These graphs are similar to the earlier ones except that the divergence of HCE as a percentage of GDP continues to grow. You can readily see that from the differences or spread between the two trends of percentage HCE over time. Here’s the spread for the most recent seven years:

Year   Spread
2005      6.2
2006      6.5
2007      6.7
2008      6.8
2009      7.0
2010      7.3
2011      7.5

While some talk about how hard health-care system change really is, others are accomplishing it.

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